Protect Your Family with Sureplan Australian Funeral Insurance  

Sureplan is an Australian owned specialist funeral fund provider with over 75 years of experience. Since 1935 Sureplan has offered customised and affordable Australian funeral insurance and bonds, successfully blending financial security with peace of mind. With the primary aim to provide a service where the financial burden is taken off family members upon the death of a loved one, Sureplan offers two distinct products.

  • Australian Funeral Insurance (Sureplan Family Fund) for the under 56’s
  • Funeral Bond (Sureplan Gold) tailored for the over 55’s

Under 56? Choose Sureplan Family Fund Australian Funeral Insurance

For specialised cover, we offer Australian funeral insurance if you are less than 56 years of age. Subject to medical and health conditions, the Sureplan Family Fund includes:

  • Fixed low premiums
  • Pay premiums only to 60 years of age
  • Coverage for life
  • Payout within 24 hours

Sureplan Family Fund provides on your death a benefit to be applied to associated costs, which alleviates at the minimum financial pressure suddenly placed on grieving family members.

Blending financial security with peace of mind

Saying goodbye when someone you love has died is never easy, as is the associated financial costs. We have been successfully managing plans since 1935 and pride ourselves on prompt payment of claims. Within 24 hours or one working day of the notification of your death, your nominee will be paid, allowing your family to proceed with arrangements with confidence and financial security.
At Sureplan, were confident we offer the best Australian funeral insurance for every member of your family.

Fixed Low Premiums

When compared to other providers, Sureplan will help you save money as our plans are not susceptible to unpredictable or sudden increases. From the first day that you purchase Australian funeral insurance the premiums remain fixed.

Pay premiums only to 60 years of age but be covered for life

Once you take out Australian funeral insurance you remain covered for a lifetime yet only pay premiums until the age of 60.

Immediate Coverage

At Sureplan, anyone between the ages of 1 and 55 can apply for membership for our Australian funeral insurance. Upon commencement of the Sureplan Family Fund policy you will be immediately covered for a benefit that is payable to your nominee upon your death. Offering flexible payment options ranging from monthly, quarterly and six-monthly or annually, we have devised a payment system to suit anyone’s financial situation. You will not pay more by paying fortnightly when compared to someone who does one annual payment.

Payout within 24 hours

We can guarantee that claims are processed and paid within one working day upon your death. Your family can concentrate on making preparations; rather than attempting to find money. At Sureplan, we also understand that your family will be grieving so we do not require any paperwork to be completed for death insurance claims to be processed.

While we acknowledge that both superannuation and life insurance play an important role, it is extremely risky to rely on these funds to pay for a service. In many instances these funds can be delayed for many weeks until a death certificate has been received and probate is granted. As funds are not immediately available the onus is on someone else to find and pay the expenses upfront. These days costs start at $5,000 and can cost in excess of $10,000. Could your family find that money within a couple of days?

Over 55? Choose Sureplan Gold Funeral Bond

Sureplan Gold is a funeral bond investment fund that allows people over 55 to plan ahead. In many ways Sureplan Gold resembles a bank savings account but without the ability to withdraw money after the ‘cooling off’ period. Upon your death, the savings are paid to your nominee to assist with costs.

How does it work?

  1. You contribute amounts either as a lump sum or regular contributions
  2. A bonus (based on fund earnings) may be distributed to your bond annually
  3. On your death, the payments made into your bond and any bonuses are paid to your nominee.

The Australian Funeral Insurance we offer has premiums that never increase, cover for life even though payments end at 60, payout within 24 hours and open membership to any person between 1 and 55. To find out how we can offer you and your family peace of mind call one of our compassionate team members on our free call number 1800 817 105 or alternatively email us at