Sureplan Australian Funeral Insurance - There When You Need It

Greater Benefits to Members

Sureplan offers Australians peace of mind when it comes to Australian funeral insurance and has been doing so since 1935. The benefits we offer you are:

Cover your Family

Our Australian funeral insurance is a cost-effective way to fund your expenses. At the request of our own members, we have developed a policy available for your entire family. You can now purchase funeral insurance from age 1 through to 55 years. This family form of Australian funeral insurance offers many advantages, including:

It makes good sense to ensure that your loved ones are covered in the event that some unforseen tragedy occurs; no matter how unpalatable this thought is! Nobody likes to think that some unthinkable catastrophe can strike a child or a grandchild - but it does happen.

We offer Australian funeral insurance that, at the minimum, removes financial stress away from such an event. Sureplan Family Fund is an insurance-based fund, the earlier a member joins, the lower the premium cost. For instance a 10 year old can obtain a cover of $10,291 for only $4.66 per month and pay total premiums of $2,795; saving you and later themselves thousands of dollars.

Superannuation and standard life insurance play their role, but in many cases their funds can be delayed for many weeks until a death certificate is issued and probate is granted. Relying on these funds will mean that someone else has to raise the money and pay for your funeral well before these sources become available.

Compare Sureplan to our Opposition

Our oppositions tend to offer family cover only to a point where children reach 18 years of age; expecting you to pay premiums until you are 90 years of age. Upon taking out Family Fund Australian funeral insurance, we allow each member of your family to have coverage for life but pay premiums only until they are 60.

Unlike some of the larger providers operating within Australia, Sureplan is an Australian, member-owned mutual. With no requirement to return dividends to external shareholders, our fees remain low, which means greater benefits are automatically credited to our Australian funeral insurance plans.

Call the Sureplan office on 1800 817 105 to find out more about our Family Fund insurance for under 55s. Alternatively you can email to obtain a membership application or for other assistance.

Alternatively you can enquire now online or if you believe you have enough information you can downlod a Disclosure Document.