Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Sureplan Family Fund?

Anyone between the age of 1 and up to and including age 55 can apply for membership. We currently have over 15,900 members.

When does my membership commence?

If you are accepted as a member your membership is effective from your date of application. However if no premiums are received with six weeks of acceptance, your policy will be cancelled.

Do I have to disclose any medical and health conditions?

Yes, applicants are obliged to fully disclose all known medical and health conditions. Sureplan reserves the right to request a medical certificate or examination.

I dont think I have enough Australian funeral insurance, can I increase my cover?

Yes, Sureplan makes it easy to increase your cover. If you are an existing member you can apply to increase the benefit of your Sureplan Family Fund until you turn 56. If you discover your funeral cover is less than todays average cost of a funeral, you can apply to Sureplan too have your benefit increased ensuring there are sufficient funds available when it is required. Below is a table that displays examples of premiums for additional benefits for members currently aged 50 to 55. The additional total premiums payable until age 60 is also displayed as this verifies the excellent value of Sureplan Family Fund. You can increase your benefit by any amount up to a total benefit of $15,000.

Current Age (years)Extra $1,000Extra $2,000  Extra $3,000 Extra $4,000
Mthly Prem $Total Prems $Mthly Prem $Total Prems $Mthly Prem $Total Prems $Mthly Prem $Total Prems $
50  4.665599.301,11513.951,69418.592,231
5510.0160020.021,20130.031,80139.69  2,382

You can also use the calculator on this site to calculate the total premiums for an additional benefit.
Increasing your Australian funeral insurance cover is easy - just fill out the application form and put the additional Australian funeral insurance required in the Amount of Funeral Cover Required field and your Roll Number or Member Number in the Promo Code field . To obtain a hard copy of the application form you can either download the Sureplan Family Fund Disclosure Document or just ring us on 1800 817 105 or email

When wouldnt Sureplan pay a benefit?

If an undisclosed medical condition existed when joining or purchasing additional units or under certain circumstances when the death is the result of suicide or when a fraudulent condition exists.

How is the benefit claimed and what evidence is required to confirm my death?

Someone, ideally the nominee needs to ring our office on 1800 817 105 to advise us of your death. Sureplan Family Fund requires independent evidence of your death from a third party such as the funeral director. The Society reserves the right to sight a death certificate before paying the benefit.

What happens if I cease paying my premiums?

Non-payment for a period longer than 12 months will result in the policy being cancelled. No refunds will be made.